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The night had finally come! Prom Night. Kairi was way too nervous at this point; she spent an hour trying to ensure her make-up was perfect, as well as her hair, and dress. Her Mom helped all she could, and kept reassuring Kairi not to worry so much. Kairi didn't know what to think or do. Everything. Had. To. Be. Perfect.

Sora kept straightening his tux in the mirror, making sure it was perfect. One moment it was, the next, he spent another ten minutes straightening it. Roxas came in and slapped his hands, adjusted Sora's tux, and smiled. Sora did, too, but was still nervous. This was a big night...for both him and Kairi.


Sora, Roxas and Namine were in Kairi's living room, awaiting her appearance. They all sat together on the large sofa, opposite of her father. Sora kept his eyes low and nervously kept rubbing his hands together and on his pants. Roxas threw his hand on Sora's shoulder.

'Ease up, bro. Everything is gonna be fine." Sora just nodded absently. Kairi's father smiled a bit, then got up and headed for the kitchen.

"I don't know... I am just so nervous. I mean, what if-" He stopped his voice when he heard Kairi's door open. All three stood and waited. In mere moments, Kairi came out in the most beautiful dress Sora had ever seen; Strapless, pink and sparkling. A three layer ruffle, studs and pearls along the side and chest, and it complimented her figure beautifully. Her hair; a chunk of it pulled around the side of the head to the back, where it was pinned and poofed. Curls nestled on the sides of her face, framing it, and the back layer flipped just slightly out. Her eyes had a soft pink smokey look to them, with the compliments of a bit of eye liner, glitter, and a light pink lipstick. She was breath-taking.
Roxas noticed Sora staring, and elbowed him a bit. Sora shook and approached her. She blushed a bit, and smiled at him and his handesome tux of white, red, and a pink tie.

"Kairi... you look...Beautiful." He stuttered a bit, and burned red. Kairi did, too.

"And you look very handsome." She complimented back. For a moment, it was as if they were the only two in the room. Until her Mom stepped in.

"Picture time! I want plenty!" She was so enthusiatic, and ready with that camera. She took tons of pictures; ones of the group, the couples, singles and other random shots. It was a half hour before they left. Once gone, they arrived at the resturant and obtained their reservation. They ordered and ate; talking about their weekend and their weekly plans. Sora and Kairi weren't as nervous as before, but each time they glanced at one another, they both turned bright red. Soon, they finished and it was time to head to Prom.


They arrived about an hour after it started. Sora and Roxas got out of the car first and opened the doors where their dates sat, and helped them out. Sora held Kairi's hand, as did Roxas to Namine as they entered the Gym. The Gym lights themselves were dim, but the whole room was bright from the giant ball lights that the school strung up all around. Each ball was a different color, and it gave the Gym a glow to it. Roxas and Namine headed straight for the dance floor, holding each other and dancing around like goof balls. He would spin her and lift her and she would laugh. Sora and Kairi stood awkwardly for a moment, not really looking at each other.
Suddenly, a slow song switched on. They turned beat red. Sora swallowed hard, took a deep breath and went for it. He looked at her and extended his hand.

"Would, care to dance?" She realized he was just as nervous as she was. She smiled, still blushing and nodded. He took her hand and they went to the middle of the floor. They joined hands, his left, her right, while his right went to her hip and her left to his shoulder. They glided and danced delicately, and pretty close together. Kairi looked at him and immediately looked down. Her face was hot, but she kept that smiled. Sora turned again, too. Roxas saw them from away and rolled his eyes. Sora looked over at him, and Roxas nudged his head towards Kairi. Sora swallowed again, and turned back to Kairi.

"This is nice." He said finally. She looked up again.

"Yeah. I like this." Silence again.

"Um, Kairi?"


"You do look amazing." He flushed again, but kept his eyes locked on hers. She couldn't get herself to pull away. He pulled her closer to him. Their bodies touched, and soon her arms had to wrap around his neck, while his around her waist. They were both so nervous.

"Sora, I-" Kairi stopped. She almost told him she loved him.

"What is it?" Sora asked. Kairi shook her head, looking away.

"N-nothing." In his head, he wanted to say the same thing, but didn't think to, but now he knows she loves him back, now would be the time. He took one hand and lifted her chin up, making her look at him. They locked eyes again. Sora closed his eyes, leaned in and kissed her lips. She was caught of guard, but soon closed her eyes and kissed back. Roxas and Namine looked over to them and smiled.

"Finally..." Roxas breathed, before turning to Namine and kissed her. She giggled.
Sora and Kairi finally pulled apart and stared at each other, smiling. Kairi finally stopped blushing. Their eyes seemed to be sparkling. It was like no one else was around, but them.

"I love you, too." Sora whispered. She seemed to beam with happiness. It was what she always wanted. Sora and her to be...Well, she couldn't seem to think. Soon, another pop song rolled on, and they finally danced together, enjoying this magical night together.


After Prom was over, and everyone had left the Gym, the two couples still wanted to stay up; not wanting the night to end. So, they headed for the beach. The girls brought spare junk clothes with them, and while they changed in the car, Sora and Roxas stood outside, taking off their jackets and ties, keeping their undershirts, rolled up their pant legs and stood at the edge of the water. Soon, the girls came out in capris and dark short sleeved shirts. They went and stood next to their dates, holding their hands. The water lapped up in rythem, licking at their bare feet. It felt nice.
Sora looked at Roxas, smiling, until he saw Roxas's smile. He knew that smile.

"Oh, don't you dare..." Sora said. Too late; Roxas bent down and splashed water up at Sora and Kairi. Kairi shrieked. Roxas and Namine laughed hysterically. Sora furrowed his eyes and smiled devilishly. He then stepped out and kicked up water at them.

"Oh, it's on!" Roxas proclaimed. They all then engaged in a water fight. Shrieking playfully and laughing at the fun. Soon, it was all against all. Kairi, while Sora was busy going for Namine, snuck up behind Sora, and leaped up on his back. He gasped, but took hold of her and spun around. She held onto his neck and laughed. But, he soon lost his balance, and was falling. Kairi let go before he fell, and they landed side by side in the water. Roxas and Namine laughed.

"You okay?" Sora asked, standing to help her up. She laughed and nodded.  Roxas and Namine stepped out of the water, and went for towels to dry off.  Sora stood over Kairi and extended his hand to her. She took it but pulled him down on her. He reached out with hands beside her head to stop himself. He laughed with her. But, the laughs stopped when they looked into each other's eyes again. Her eyes seemed to gleam. The moon light made them shine.

"Kairi..." They leaned into each other and kissed once more. She reached up and supported her self by holding onto his neck. Roxas and Namine had wrapped themselves in some towels and sat on the hood of the car, cuddling.

"I am so glad they finally got together." Namine spoke softly.

"Yeah, took them long enough. But, I'm glad their happy. Like us." He smiled at her and they snuggled closer, and enjoyed the night. It seemed Sora and Kairi weren't going anywhere for a while.
The next part of Destined Love! Sorry this one took so long! I wanted it to be romantic and perfect! I hope you all enjoy.

PICTURE BY: :iconkh2-freakkk:

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I think you have a really great piece here despite the fact that the story content itself is a bit overdone (Can't say that I've helped that though). You still added a nice twist to this though and it was definitely an enjoyable read. I think it moved a little fast with the pacing, mostly at the beginning. You've had this whole story building up for this one night, but then you cover the prep in a very short bit. I think you might want to add more signs of the nervousness, maybe things like Sora tapping his feet or drumming his fingers while waiting for Kairi. Just something that shows his mind is moving around. I think it might also help to show more of what's happening than just telling that it happens. Like "Sora and Kairi stood awkwardly for a moment, not really looking at each other," you could say something about how they stood. Did Sora rub his arm aimlessly or put a hand behind his head or maybe his eyes are looking around everywhere but at Kairi, just things like that that would show what's actually going on. There aren't any glaring grammar or spelling errors and if they are there, they're simple and something that probably just happened because spell check missed it. Overall, I think you did an awesome job bringing this to life!
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