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Later that night, after Sora had walked Kairi home, she laid on her bed, smiling up at her white ceiling. Never had she ever thought that her dreams would finally come true; Sora asked her to Prom and kissed her! It was exhilerating. Kairi could hardly believe it to be real; her body filled up with a new feeling...What was it? She was not sure.
It was then Kairi decided she needed to find a dress. But, she would have to tell her Mom the news. Kairi waited for another hour for her Mother to arrive home, and when she did, Kairi exploded to her the news, barley able to control herself. Her Mom was just as happy as she was.

"That is great, sweetheart! I had a feeling there was something between you to." Her Mother smiled at her with a devilish grin. Kairi blushed, but didn't hide it. Her Mom just laughed at her daughter, before hugging her. After the brief moment, Kairi was ushered back to her room to get some rest.


Sora shut his bedroom door and breathed heavily. He did it; he finally asked Kairi Prom! It was a wonderous feeling that welled up inside him. Smiling, he flopped down on his bed, next to his cousins and closed his eyes, replaying their day on the beach together, them holding hands and cuddling...and kissing. Their first kiss and it was beautiful. Sora laid there for what seemed like forever, but was only half an hour before his cousin came in.

"Sup, bro?" His cousin asked. They had the same eye colors and looked almost identical, but his cousin had blonde hair that had a different spiky style. Sora didn't open his eyes and kept his smile. "You look happy." His cousin walked over to his own bed and sat down, and began to loosen his school tie. His cousin lives with their aunt, and used to have a brother, but he moved out two years ago, so Sora took his cousins' brothers' bed.

"I have never been happier." Sora finally replied. His cousin stood, walked to the closet they shared, and lifted his shirt over his head, placing it in the hamper beside the closet, and started searching the closet for another shirt.

"Why? What happened?"

"I asked Kairi to Prom!" He didn't hold back any excited as he spoke, now sitting up and looking at his cousin, as he threw on a gray short-sleeved shirt with black sleeves. He then began to change his school pants for a pair of white shorts.

"It's about time, man! I knew you liked her!" He smiled as he sat back down on his own bed, now out of his school uniform. Sora felt himself blush, and turned away.

"Oh, shut up, Roxas! It's not like you asked Namine to Prom." Sora countered. Roxas smile grew.

"But, that is where you're wrong. I asked her last week." Roxas sounded so proud. Sora was shocked, and stared bewildered at his cousin.

"Seriously!? Great, now I feel pathetic." Sora pouted slightly. Roxas rolled his eyes.

"Hey, don't think like that. The important thing here is that you asked Kairi." Sora nodded and laid back down.

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Sora sighed.

"I know I'm right!" Roxas enthused. Quickly getting to his feet, he smiled and extended a hand to his cousin. "Now, get up. We are going Tux shopping." Sora looked over at the clock.

"What? At 9 at night?" Sora raised his eyebrows.

"Yeah, I know a shop that is still open til 11. And I know someone who works there."

In ten minutes, Sora and Roxas were standing outside of a Tux shop called 'Manly Nights'. Roxas led them inside, and the little bell over the door rang to announce their presence. There were shelves full of pants and racks galore of suits and shirts, ties and belts, cuffs and accents. And even some shelves with shoes. So many colors and styles, Sora felt overwhelmed. Roxas grabbed his hand and dragged him to the front counter, where he rang the tiny bell that rested on the counter.

"Just a moment." Called a voice from behind a curtain behind the counter. Sora tilted his head. That voice sounded familiar.

"Hey, isn't that...." Before he finished, Riku walked out from behind the curtain, wearing a suit of his own; Pale Blue. Pale Blue jacket, white shirt, and pale blue pants to match. He looked very handsome.

"Can I help you two dorks?" Riku joked. Roxas rolled his eyes, ignoring his remark.

"Sora, here, finally asked her, and now he needs a suit." Roxas said as he slapped his cousin on the back. Riku folded his arms across his chest and smirked.

"About damn time." He teased. Sora sighed and shoved his hands in his pockets.

"Since when do you work here?" Sora asked, changing the subject.

"Since four months ago. Now, suits...Hmmm." He began to look his best friend up and down, thinking. "Follow." Sora and Roxas followed Riku when he came around the counter and through the store, which was pretty empty, save for one or two men. Riku took them to the middle of the store to a specific rack; white jackets. "What size are you?" Riku turned to Sora. Before he could answer, Riku snapped his fingers. "Nevermind. Hang on." He began to search the rack and pulled out a jacket. It had a red pocket with a white shirt and red waist. Riku handed it to Sora.

"Are you sure-" Sora began, but Roxas stopped him.

"Sora, lighten up. Riku is good with this kind of stuff. Now, go find some pants and go try it on." He gave Sora a push towards the pants, where he grabbed a pair and headed for the Dressing Rooms.

"So, who you going with?" Roxas asked casually as they waited for Sora to change. Riku just shrugged, putting his hands in his pockets.

"Don't know. I was thinking about just going solo. Seeing what happens, you know?" Riku said softly. Roxas just nodded.

"Hurry up, Sora! It's a suit, not a rocket." Roxas joked. Riku chuckled.

"Shut up! I'm almost done."

"By the time he dresses, Prom will be over." Riku laughed, Roxas joined in.

"Fine. Happy?" Sora said as he stood outside the Dressing Room. His cousin and best friend quit their laughter and just stared. "How do I look?"
Here is the next one. Can't wait to start the next part! It's gonna be so cute! :3 Hope you enjoy this one.

Picture Made By: :iconkairifeatemilybffl:

Chapter 1: [link]

Chapter 2: [link]

Chapter 3: [link]

Chapter 5: [link]
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I really love the way you just come up with these stories.I cant wait till 5. you have a great way that you write to have so that they can picture whats going on.I also love the way you can discribe the characters emotion and how they felt or feel. You put perfect inmagination into this story.I really hope chapter 5 will be good.I also hope you could also have expression into it. Also if i can be honest i dont no how to do this. lol So yea the impact was great on the reader and so is the vision
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